About Us

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is a think tank devoted to issues concerning regional Australia.

We gather and analyse the best information we can find on regions and make this readily accessible to people around the country.

We work with regional leaders around the nation to understand their challenges and help them identify opportunities for future development that they can implement.

We also talk to governments at all levels and provide independent, evidence based advice about the options they have to make regions even greater.

The RAI is a not-for-profit organisation established as a public company limited by guarantee and we are an Approved Research Institute for tax purposes. The Institute was founded in 2012 with seed funding from the Australian Government, although our current operations depend upon a mix of Commonwealth and State government support, partnerships with a range of companies and projects working directly with regions.

We are passionate about the future of our regions. If you share this passion for regional Australia, we encourage you to consider working with us and connect with the RAI to keep up to date with the latest regional issues.

About Us