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Robyn Adams, Better Together
Suzanne Thompson, Better Together
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Robyn Adams and Suzanne Thompson | Barcaldine, QLD

 “As a finalist, it will be lovely to be able to talk about and promote how we share country together, and learn from each other.”- Robyn Adams

“I always remember being taught to walk the two worlds, and being told that ‘Events and actions will have a profound effect on our destiny’. With this in mind as a finalist, it will afford us the opportunity to share country together and to share our journey with you all.”- Suzanne Thompson

Barcaldine has a large indigenous population, but not a lot of opportunity for ‘on country’ practice. Better Together aims to address this gap through its pilot project, combining indigenous cultural practice and livestock production on privately held grazing properties in central west Queensland.

The project incorporates strategic fencing and tracks built on the property to preserve rock art and heritage artefacts, while creating opportunities in employment, tourism, agriculture, research and education. 

If successful, this innovative initiative could be duplicated across other grazing properties rich in indigenous art and heritage to ensure cultural preservation.

Where are they now?

Suzanna and Robyn are refining their proposal and seeking partners for both research and investment. They will soon be moving on to trials to establish a sound model for delivering their initiative.

It was an honour to be chosen from remote Australia, and for our unique Indigenous and Non Indigenous OnCountry post reconciliation practice to be acknowledged for its innovation and potential. Through this exceptional mentoring opportunity we can grow our initiative and flourish, making us all be Better Together.