Coen Community Care

Mandy Larsen, Coen Community Care

Mandy Larsen | Innisfail, QLD

“We should all be afforded the choice to spend our last days surrounded by friends and family close to or at home.  

The idea is to trial and create a local, innovative, culturally appropriate, model of health care delivery in a remote setting, which has the potential to benefit patients, families and service delivery agents. 

I look forward to progressing the idea under expert guidance, and am thrilled for the opportunity to make a difference in my community.”

After losing a loved one, Mandy Larsen came up with the idea for a pilot project to test a new model in palliative care, allowing people to spend their last days close to home.

Coen Community Care proposes a community driven and controlled palliative care centre in Coen Queensland, utilising existing service delivery partners, to provide social, emotional and spiritual well-being services to families during a time of loss.

If successful, Coen Community Care has the potential to expand community partnerships, increase learning and skills development, and create economic benefits. It is also a model that could be adapted and implemented in communities across the country. 

Where are they now?

Mandy and her team have secured seed funding and are continuing to develop support networks at all levels of government. They are acting to formalise an advisory council for governance and maintenance of community principles and ownership. Operational premises have been identified and discussion as to securing those has commenced.  Service delivery is anticipated to begin in 2019.

Being chosen as a Lightbulb Moment Finalist has afforded the project a level of credibility and exposure that confirmed the community’s compassion. I am extremely grateful for mentoring that allowed the project to form strong foundations that supported the acceleration provided by the award.