Clean M8: Smarter Recovery Support Tools

Brian Hill, Clean Mate

Brian Hill | Berkeley Vale, NSW |

“AOD (alcohol and other drug) treatment and recovery services can be difficult to access in regional Australia, making it harder for people to quickly start a supported recovery journey. In towns where people know each other well, having the anonymity of a supportive online treatment pathway can be a helpful thing for taking those first recovery steps safely and with reduced risk of stigma.

The smart digital tools we’re building are designed to provide prompt assistance from that first “motivated moment” where someone decides they need and want to take a different path back to health. The value of this is far reaching, as these services have a strong evidence based association for helping with the burdens of family breakdown, mental illness and suicide risk in these communities.”

CleanM8 is an innovative approach to AOD treatment and recovery. Brian is an experienced health professional building an online platform to help clinicians, consumers and their carers start the recovery process at the earliest opportunity. 

This Lightbulb Moment has the potential to help many across regional Australia through rehabilitation and post- rehabilitation. 

Where are they now?

Brian and the team at CleanM8 have started the next stage of their commercialisation journey, where they will continue investigating the relevance of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, for supporting behavioural change. Over the next 12 months, they will be continuously interviewing Clinicians, Carers and Consumers, inviting them to be hands on with the tools and prototypes they are developing, whilst also working with community leaders and lived experience advocates to ensure they deliver relevant tools. They are always looking for investors and collaborators in the hope that CleanM8 can grow into a TGA/FDA approved digital therapeutic for export markets.

It’s been great to work with the friendly team at Regional Australia Institute – their focus on Regional Australia is well aligned with our intentions to deliver health benefits for overlooked and under-serviced communities where we think consumer focused digital health tools have a strong role to play. They’re keeping an active watch on the vitality of small communities and what’s happening with regard to workforce shortages, which is a big factor in having access to quality services. The introductions they’ve been able to provide through their network have put us in touch with other communities in need, so we can progressively reach out to them as our products evolve and prepare for clinical trials.