Kym Breeze, Co Connect Her
Merna Dwyer, Co Connect Her
Ken Windely, Co Connect Her

Kym Breeze, Merna Dwyer and Ken Windely | Toowoomba, QLD

“If not for family support, I could easily be the new face of women at risk of financial homelessness. My original Lightbulb Moment happened during my own personal financial crisis period and I thought if I was going through these tough financial times maybe other women like myself were.

I spent over 6 months researching and working on a larger scale idea to develop a self-sustainable, co-living space for women to thrive, and to solve the problem of financial homelessness for women in the Baby Boomer demographic.

While attending the Pitch weekend at Canvas Co-working in Toowoomba, I scaled my idea down to CoconnectHER; an online, fee for service platform, to match women with spare rooms in their homes to women needing a safe home to live in.

I was fortunate that Ken and Merna “got” this pitch and worked as a team in my absence, going on to win the final pitch. We formed a team and have been working to our strengths on CoconnectHER since. It takes a team, this is not something anyone could do alone.

Not only will CoconnectHER reduce the risk of homelessness for women, it will also reduce the risk of homeowners losing their homes due to financial stress, and alleviate the problem of loneliness and exclusion from society. 

For the team, being a finalist means we will will be able to get our message to a larger audience and start solving the massive issue of homelessness in Australia. Being a finalist also gives our start-up credibility when dealing with stakeholders, promoting our services and will allow us to build up to the original idea of a fully self-sustainable, co-living model of housing.” – Kym Breeze

According to the latest Census data, the number of older women living on the streets has significantly increased, and there is a growing number of these women living in overcrowded accommodation. Kym’s Lightbulb Moment has the potential to help decrease these numbers and provide safe, affordable housing for women across the country.  

Where are they now?

Kym and her team have met with a strategic planner, and have received excellent feedback from within the CoconnectHER community that affirms they are on the right path. With a tweak to their business model, they have continued to grow and develop connections. One such connection has resulted in a potential collaboration that will help them scale up the business later this year.

The media attention and support we received from being a finalist in Lightbulb Moments has proved to be very beneficial for our business. It has allowed us to reach more people in a short space of time to establish our community and share the word of the great work we are doing for this large growth market. We have received support from our local business connections working in the homeless arena as well as women all over Queensland. The Team at CoconnectHER will maintain this momentum and achieve our vision of supporting women in our demographic to end their risk of financial homelessness.