Cultivate Farms

Cultivate Farms

Sam Marwood | Albury, NSW |

“We help turn farm dreams into reality. For many young people the dream of being a farmer is out of reach because of the excessive capital requirements to buy a farm. We eliminate this barrier by matching aspiring farmers with retiring farmers and investors to own and operate a farm together. In this way we aim to rejuvenate regional Australia by bringing many young people back onto farms.”

Cultivate Farms was inspired by issues associated with an aging farming industry. Additionally, excessive land prices, and capital required to buy a farm, has made moving into this sector for young people increasingly difficult.

The website Cultivate Farms aims to address both these problems by matching aspiring farmers to investors and retiring farmers, with the intention that they will eventually own and operate a farm together. The site also helps to support new farmers by identifying courses and practical farm hand roles, where they are able to gain relevant skills and experience.

A project like this has the potential to positively impact the industry at a national level. Not only will it help to encourage more young people into the farming sector, it’s another great reason for those considering it to move to a regional community. 

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, Cultivate Farms is seeking farmers wanting to partner with one of the best in the next generation, eventually owning and operating a farm together.

image (L-R): Tim Hicks, George, Rosie, Belle, Tegan Hicks, George and Sam Marwood