The Australian Girls ESTEAMME Collaborative

The Australian Girls ESTEAMME Collaborative

Lindy Orwin | Rainbow Beach, QLD

“We’ve heard for a few years now how important STEM skills …Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths …are to Australia’s economic future but we still have a leaky pipeline from early childhood, where children have an insatiable appetite for these subjects, to inadequate numbers of graduations from universities in these fields. Girls are under-represented in almost all these fields at all levels of education and in the workforce. It has been my dream to start an organisation for sharing exemplary practice and resources in engaging girls and retaining their interest in STEM.”

An underrepresentation of women exists in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce and education sphere. This issue is what sparked Lindy Orwin’s idea for an Australian Girls ESTEAMME (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Maths and Maker Education) Collaborative, which includes the traditional STEM subjects, with the addition of innovation, creativity, design and communication.  

Based on an existing model, Lindy hopes to set up a national organisation that will collect, collaborate, and share relevant practices and resources, while addressing the challenges of providing STEM opportunities for rural, regional and remotely located youth.

The Collective has the potential to increase the number of girls engaging in STEM activities and courses, as well as increase the number of women pursuing careers in relevant fields.

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, The Australian Girls ESTEAMME Collaborative is investigating practical options for implementation of the international model for promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in regional Australia.