This Farm Needs a Farmer

This Farm Needs a Farmer

Melissa Connors | Kyneton, VIC

“In a very basic nutshell we are building a bridge of communication for experienced farmers/land owners to share the invaluable knowledge they have stored in their heads with new comers or tree changers who have bought their own land and need this knowledge to make their rural dreams a reality – knowledge sharing for strong communities.”

This Farm Needs a Farmer is a locally led community network that aims to address the issue of an ageing farming industry. It seeks to achieve its goal by linking tree changers on farms, with both retired and active farmers, to share existing skills and knowledge.

Such an idea provides a number of benefits to the agriculture industry; including the facilitation of informal learning opportunities, supporting knowledge transfer, improving skills development and decision-making, and building resilience within the farming community.

Establishing a strong mentoring network will help to build stronger rural communities and ensure the future of agriculture in Australia.

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, This Farm Needs a Farmer is developing a membership base of new farmers and business sponsors creating a viable and scalable social enterprise joining farmers with skills to those that need them.