Get a Rural Life

Get a Rural Life

Amanda Parker | Boort, Vic

“The “Get A Rural Life” movement uses the power of social media and story to highlight the liveability of rural areas to young adults aged 18-35. Sharable social media videos will portray the stories of young adults surviving and thriving, making a difference in rural towns. This will not only promote young adults to think about what their lives could look like in rural communities, but encourage rural communities to celebrate and support the young adults in their midst.”

The idea for Get a Rural Life came from a concern of  “youth drain” in regional areas; the high outwards migration of young people after secondary college.

The concept itself is based around a pilot social media promotional campaign, aiming to promote the opportunities and possibilities available in regional areas to young people. Get a Rural Life will utilise storytelling as a way to create and pass on meaning to their audience, as well as build their community.

Using a similar style to Humans of New York, Get a Rural Life will be based on short, shareable videos featuring young people in rural communities telling their stories of successes and challenges, bucking traditional views of rural living, as well as their heart for the places in which they live.

If successful, Get a Rural Life has the potential to increase the inward migration of young people to rural areas. It has the greater ambition of establishing relationships with secondary and tertiary educators to implement rural living and opportunities into curriculum, including placements and exchanges.

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, Get a Rural Life is exploring a pilot social media campaign promoting opportunities and possibilities for young people in regional Australia.