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  1. rob woolley
    September 11, 2019 @ 1:16 pm

    Hello, the regional hub, rent-a-space seems like a great idea. Even better if it could directly ‘support’ idea swap meets between co-located small towns.

    The life-blood of small rural towns is dedication to place; a quality unable to be replicated in cities or indeed larger regional centres.

    The design brief for small-is-practical is in many respects at odds with solving problems in big centres and then hoping for a dribble down.

    I would like to propose a gathering of small town innovators, adaptors exaptors; (self nominated) 1 to 3 thousand population.
    I think co-located small towns need to talk directly to one another and swap stories.

    I have a worked-up proposal for ‘technology take-up’ in small rural towns. It would be great to share it directly with those dedicated to place.


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