Human Capital

The skills and capabilities within people – their Human Capital – are critical for securing the economic prosperity of a region.

The latest Talking Point from the Regional Australia Institute and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Human Capital: Learning Culture in Regional Australia, identifies lifelong education, and bridging the education divide, as the key to securing the skills and capabilities needed to help our regions prosper. Doing so will build a more agile and technologically savvy workforce.
Human-capital_lifecycleHuman Captial Stages of Lifelong Learning  

To do this, it is vital that communities, with the assistance of government services and local leaders, create a strong learning environment. Our goal must be to inspire regional people of all ages to continually be building on their skills and capabilities.

Want to see how your region is performing? Read the full [In]Sight Human Capital Index report or visit to explore the tool.

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Human Capital Talking Point

Read more about learning cultures in regional Australia.

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Human Capital Index Report

Read the full report and discover how your region stacks up.

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Visual Summary

View the key findings of both reports in this useful graphic.

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