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  1. Tony Sorensen
    April 29, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

    I agree with this diagnosis and, I would suggest that Armidale, which is not on your list of small cities, has the key ingredients in rather greater density than many of those included in the analysis. Out of interest, places like Tamworth are amalgamated jurisdictions containing many smaller and sometimes dying places. and Armidale is in negotiations to become a regional council with a population of c. 40,000 which according to NSW Department of Planning data is slated to grow faster than, say, Tamworth over the next twenty years. I think, too, that we should not over-estimate the importance of federal or state policy in developing strategies for rural Australia’s larger cities. In the end, most of the impetus for growth is likely to be endogenous rather than exogenous and geographical (local resources, connectivity, environment, etc.) rather than engineered from above.


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