Migration Work

Following the launch of our toolkit Steps to Settlement Success, the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) Migration Director, Shyla Vohra, is travelling to locations around Australia to support communities who are seeking to attract and retain migrants, in order to fill labour needs or contribute to population renewal.

Visits include holding community consultations, migrant and employer forums, meeting with local Council and other stakeholders and facilitating a workshop or roundtable on developing a migration strategy that is appropriate and relevant for the local community. Our Director is also interested in learning from communities who have successfully welcomed migrants and has been engaging with many stakeholders to hear their stories in order to contribute to knowledge sharing around the country. 

Shyla has extensively travelled around Australia to:

RupanyupStawell and Horsham to discuss locally led strategies and experiences and upcoming needs.

St George, Queensland, for a meeting with local council and to facilitate a workshop on developing a locally led migration strategy.

South Australia to meet with key stakeholders in the Limestone Coast to discuss migration, services and employment in the region to develop a strategy to attract and retain migrant workers

Orana region in NSW where Shyla presented at a roundtable discussion on migration to the region, hosted by RDA Orana

Kalgoorlie, WA for a migrant forum and to facilitate a workshop of Council, employers, agencies, migrants and community groups to work toward the development of a migration strategy.

Burnie in Tasmania to speak to council officers in the Cradle Coast Authority about Steps to Settlement Success

Darwin for RAI’s Regions Rising event and to present a workshop for council officers on regional migration in Australia

Sydney to facilitate a workshop on successful regional migration strategies at the Advancing Community Cohesion Conference, hosted by Western Sydney University

Canberra to speak with the members of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration for its inquiry into regional migration 

Other locations around the country are yet to be determined and we welcome hearing from communities who may be interested in an event by RAI on migration, tailored for their community and region, which can be done online while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. 

We encourage you to join our Regional Migration network on Facebook to join the discussion on making migration to regional Australia a success. Its found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/532644157507661/?source_id=311708015626470

Get in touch with Shyla via email, or call 02 6260 3733.