One Voice Shower Bus*

Mobile Shower Service Port Macquarie, group photo

Paul Skilleter | Port Macquarie, NSW

“One Voice for Aussie Youth Ltd has partnered with the Hastings Homeless Support Group to build a Mobile Shower Service for people experiencing homelessness in the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA. One Voice operates four other services nationally and the impact the service has in these local communities has been amazing, restoring dignity one hot shower at a time. You see, it’s not just about the shower. This unique service helps build relationships and community to then provide support and connections with other local organisations to help people find pathways out of homelessness. We believe that helping restore someone’s dignity is the first step to life restoration and from there the journey begins.

It came as a huge surprise to make it to the top ten. It’s going to help us gain the support that we need to really get our project off the ground and having access to a mentor is going to help us raise awareness of our project to the community.”

Homelessness is a growing issue in regional Australia. This Lightbulb Moment is attempting to provide those in need with a safe place to shower, as well as access to clean clothing. More than that, it hopes to start a bigger conversation and build support to help get people off the streets. If this project is successful, it could be rolled out across the country.  

*This Lightbulb Moment was previously called Mobile Shower Service / Port Macquarie

Where are they now?

Paul and the team at One Voice Shower Bus are finalising their business plan and reaching out to their community for expertise in grant writing, marketing, and other areas, in order to raise funds required to launch the service.

Being named as a finalist and the mentoring sessions have been really great for us to see where we need to go with our project and would recommend to anyone with an idea to submit it to next year’s Lightbulb Moments competition.