Move to More – RAI’s National Awareness Campaign

At the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), we have been passionate advocates for life in regional Australia since being established in 2011.

In 2019, our report Regional Population Growth – Are we ready? recognised the need for an intervention in our existing population trajectory, and in turn, an opportunity to create a more balanced population settlement for the good of our nation.

But while a lot of Australians living in our capital cities feel a positive connection to regional Australia, there is a big difference between liking the place and packing up and moving there.

So we set out to understand the attitudes and behaviours of those living in our capital cities when it to contemplating a move to regional Australia.

We started off by undertaking extensive qualitative and quantitative research.

The research found that one out of every five people living in our capital cities is considering a move to regional Australia.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

The research also identified that while the ‘push’ factors motivating people to leave the cities are strong, the ‘pull’ factors – essentially the appeal of regional Australia — are the more powerful motivators.

These insights led to the development of our brand platform – Move to More.

Move to More positions regional Australia as offering new residents more space, more career opportunities, improved quality of life and more bang for their buck when it comes to real estate.

The Move to More campaign features extensive advertising across the country that creates a new brand for regional Australia – a brand that is offering Australians a chance to shape their best life.

Our campaign website is one of the most important tools of the campaign. It was unveiled at our Regions Rising National Summit in Canberra on March 17, 2021 and will go live when the campaign’s television, radio, billboard and digital advertisements are rolled out in May.

This unique platform gives Australians access to information in real time, allowing them to unearth and discover Regional Australia in a way that suits their life stage, interests and career aspirations. It invites users to take a short quiz and then filters functional aspects (housing, employment, transport, schools, health and entertainment) to arrive at a selection of towns that meets their desires.

Regional Australia is on the cusp of an incredible renaissance. Move to More is set to play its part in encouraging new energy, new people, new businesses and new investment in regional Australia.

After many months of work with the creative team at Redhanded, the Regional Australia Council 2031 (RAC 2031), members of our Regional Activators Alliance (RAA) and stakeholders across the country, we are so proud to lead this campaign at a national level, knowing that its impact will be felt at the local level. We thank the Federal Government for its support.

Liz Ritchie, RAI CEO

The National Awareness Campaign is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.


We have made a number of campaign assets available for download for the media to use in your reporting, as well as some of the campaign market research:

Move to More TVC – Build Your Best Life

Move to More TVC – Ditch the Commute

Move to More TVC – Make a Name

Move to More TVC – Nature Lessons

Move to More Hero Image

Move to More Market Research Findings