Roger Tindale, move to my town

Roger Tindale | Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Regional Australia has a lot to offer and is an unrecognised treasure of opportunities for those city dwellers seeking a change of lifestyle.

The app I want to create will assist those looking for a sea change or tree change by allowing them to input their social, physical and geographic needs and then generating a short list of potential regional towns and centres for them to further investigate.  Also, if enough people start making the move to beautiful country and coastal towns then there will be a benefit to our Capital cities in the form of reduced demand for housing and services. 

Being selected as a finalist is exciting and I can’t wait to get my app up and running!  I have more ideas on the back burner, so I am now inspired and filled with confidence to take some of those ideas further.”

Many people in major cities in Australia are thinking about moving to smaller regional towns. The process of finding and short listing can be difficult, often requiring visiting many websites and relying on word of mouth recommendations.

Drawing on experiences from his own tree change/sea change, Roger came up with the idea for the movetomytown app to assist those who are also planning on making the move to regional Australia, select a place that’s right for them.

Currently, no such platform exists. Having this information readily available and easy to access could increase the number of people considering a move to a regional area, as well as showcase towns across the country. 

On a larger scale, this Lightbulb Moment has the potential to benefit regional Australia as a whole, bringing new economic and social opportunities to the regions where people choose to settle.  

Where are they now?

Roger is now engaging a local web design team to produce the first working prototype of the application, featuring NSW towns. He plans to approach the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for start-up funding, as well as investigate crowd funding options, to keep the project moving.

My experience as a Lightbulb Moments finalist has been very positive. The exposure I have gained has opened quite a few doors to me and has assisted me in making some very useful contacts. Additionally, the mentoring I have been given has been invaluable in helping me refine my business model before proceeding to the next stage of development. I have a long road ahead of me, but the Lightbulb Moments competition has taken me quite a few steps farther than I would otherwise be.