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Regional Australia is being confronted by major economic changes on multiple fronts. The RAI is developing a new agenda to help regions meet these challenges.

From mid 2016 our work will be concentrated on five programs reflecting the areas where regional Australia must be successful.


Regional Australia can increase its contribution to national innovation and growth and provide improved quality of life for its 8.8 million residents. But we must stop seeing our regions as victims of change and we must stop misunderstanding this part of our economy.

Regional success is built on a balance of local ingenuity and proactivity, and informed, consultative state and federal leadership. We need to lift expectations; about what our economy can do what government can do and what regional people can and are already doing. It’s time for a period of change on our own terms.

Read CEO Jack Archer’s speech on a new economic agenda for regional Australia.

Read about the policy options that we see as crucial to our next phase of regional development.


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