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From 2018, the RAI is leading a shared policy inquiry program to target the issues that matter to both policy makers and our regions and outline options for change. The key inquiry themes include Regions in Transition, the Future of Regional Jobs, and Cities and Towns.

The new program has been backed by the Australian Government and all State and Territory Governments with regional responsibilities. It will deliver better evidence for policy makers and inform debate about the regional contribution to Australia’s future economy.

Shared Inquiry Program: Governments around the table


Regional Australia can increase its contribution to national innovation and growth and provide improved quality of life for its 8.8 million residents. But we must stop seeing our regions as victims of change and we must stop misunderstanding this part of our economy.

Regional success is built on a balance of local ingenuity and proactivity, and informed, consultative state and federal leadership. We need to lift expectations; about what our economy can do what government can do and what regional people can and are already doing. It’s time for a period of change on our own terms.


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