Current Project Agenda

2019 Shared Inquiry Program

Regional Jobs

This year, we will build on the work of the 2018 Shared Inquiry, which showed how different regional communities are adapting and changing to manage their workforce challenges.

Mid-Sized Towns

This Inquiry will shine the spotlight on mid-sized town communities (between 5,000 and 50,000 residents) to examine their importance from an economic perspective, as well as their future growth trajectories.

2018 Shared Inquiry Program

From 2018, the RAI is leading a shared policy inquiry program to target the issues that matter to both policy makers and our regions and outline options for change.

Regions in Transition Inquiry

Analysing and evaluating selected policy options available, and suggesting ways we can better help our regions through times of change.

The Future of Regional Jobs Inquiry

The future of work is changing. We are looking at the impact these changes will have on regions, and how we can help to address their needs.

Cities and Towns Inquiry icon

Reviewing key issues shaping the economic development of our regional towns and cities and the effectiveness of relevant policy. 

Shared Inquiry Program Partners

Current Project Agenda
Current Project Agenda
Current Project Agenda
South Australia State Government
Northern Territory Government
New South Wales State Government
Tasmania State Government
Victoria State Government