Older and successful


Ageing is a challenge and also one of the greatest signs of our success. The Regional Australia Institute will identify how an older regional Australia can be successful.

The ageing reality

The ageing trend is creating a mix of challenges and opportunities for our economy and society.

The latest intergenerational report predicts that by 2050 there will be one Australian over the age of 65 for every 2.7 working age Australians. But 59 local government areas are already beyond the situation predicted for Australia in 2050.

Older Australians are a key source of population growth in regional Australia and our regions can offer older Australians a great quality of life and lower living costs.

Attracting an older population brings new wealth, experience and energy to communities. We also know aged care services are already a key growth sector for many regions.

Rise of the Super Boomers

The rise of the Super Boomers is one trend that will transform the way in which ageing plays out in regions.

Super Boomers make up 39 per cent of the regional workforce and will stay engaged in work longer than previous generations. 33 per cent of all SMEs in Australia are operated by a person aged over 50 years.

Approximately 72 per cent of Super Boomers plan to spend their lifetime’s savings rather than leaving an inheritance.

Read more about how Super Boomers are changing the face of regional Australia.

Older and successful


Ageing and Work_AgendaPageButtonAgeing and work in regional Australia
Ageing is happening rapidly in our regions. The Ageing and work in regional Australia: Pathways for accelerating economic growth report details why and how regions should engage their older population in the workforce. 



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