Regional Australia can increase its contribution to national innovation and growth and provide improved quality of life for its 8.8 million residents. But we must stop seeing our regions as victims of change and we must stop misunderstanding this part of our economy.

Regional success is built on a balance of local ingenuity and proactivity, and informed, consultative state and federal leadership. We need to lift expectations; about what our economy can do what government can do and what regional people can and are already doing. It’s time for a period of change on our own terms.

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Inquiry into Regional Australia
October 2019; Submission to the House of Representatives Select Committee Inquiry into Regional Australia

Inquiry into Migration in Regional Australia
October 2019; Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration

Jobs for the Future in Regional Areas
August 2019; Submission for the Senate Select Committee inquiry into Jobs for the Future in Regional Areas


Food processing strategic investment to build the economy in regional South Australia
November 2018; Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the South Australian Livestock Industry

Policy Briefing: Benefits of The Boom and Letter to Committee Chair
August 2018; Submission to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation Science and Resources Parliament House

A submission to the Future Employment Services Review
August 2018; Submission to Expert Panel Future Employment Services Review

Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia
May 2018; Submission to Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee

The indicators of, and impact of, regional inequality in Australia
May 2018; Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Economics

Creating Locally Appropriate Policy for Remote Communities: Improving the Government’s Approach to Remote Employment and Participation
February 2018; Submission to Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet


RAI’s Submission
September 2017; Submission to the Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation

Inquiry into the Australian Government’s Role in the development of cities: Response to the subenquiry into ‘Sustainability transitions in existing cities’ on behalf of the Regional Australia Institute and SAP Australia Pty Ltd.
September 2017; Submission to Inquiry Secretary, Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities

RAI’s Response to Discussion Paper
August 2017; Submission to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education (IRRRRE)

Defence in Regional Australia
April 2017; Submission to Senate Inquiry into the impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities

Transitioning Regional Economies: Contribution to a study on the transition of regional economies following the resources boom
February 2017; Submission to Productivity Commission Study


Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation
August 2016; Submission to Commissioner Paul Lindwall Productivity Commission

RAI’s Submission
2016; Submission to Inquiry into the operation, effectiveness, and consequences of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Location of Corporate Commonwealth Entities) Order 2016


The Future of Regional Australia: Change on Our Terms
November 2015; Discussion Paper

Delivering Better Government for The Regions
November 2015; Discussion Paper

Australia’s Hidden Metropolis: The Future Role and Contribution of Regional Capitals to Australia
April 2015; Submission to Senate Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport References Committee


Response to the Regional Australia Institute’s questions taken on notice at the first public hearing of the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia
April 2014; Submission to Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia

Regional Development Australia Network: Reform Options – from Strategy to Action
April 2014; Policy Briefing

An Integrated National Approach to Investment in Local and Regional Infrastructure
January 2014; Submission to Productivity Commission’s Public Infrastructure Inquiry


Optimising regional investment: Opportunities for reform, innovation and efficiency
December 2013; Submission to Commonwealth Government Commission of Audit 2013

Helping Regions Impacted by Natural Disaster to Recover and Renew
October 2013; Policy Briefing

The Costs and Benefits of Geographic Labour Mobility: A Regional Perspective
August 2013; Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Geographic Labour Mobility

Benefits of The Boom?
April 2013: Policy Briefing

Regional Australia in The Asian Century
January 2013; Policy Briefing


Catalysing Local Infrastructure Renewal
December 2012; Policy Briefing

Tapping The Growth Potential of Regions for National Success
August 2012; Policy Briefing