Regional jobs of the future

regional-jobs-of-the-futureHow can regions harness developments in technology to create new jobs?

The digital challenge

40 per cent of Australian jobs are at a high risk of being replaced by technology by 2035. 18.4 per cent may be eliminated entirely.

Unskilled or low-skilled activities will come under the greatest pressure. 92.5 per cent of jobs in farming and forestry could be automated by 2035.

Regional Jobs of the Future

While digital disruption may change the future of work in regional Australia, it need not be a bad thing. Digital technology will also allow regional areas to overcome the tyranny of distance and engage with the world.

Building the capacity of regions to create new and better jobs is the challenge we face.

Creating a digital workforce

Technological impacts on the workforce are becoming increasingly visible. Efficiencies, reinvented supply chains, improved marketing, more direct customer engagement and a more disperse and collaborative workforce are emerging.

Harnessing digital technology and engaging in the digital economy is crucial for Australia’s economic prosperity. We need to improve infrastructure, reskill workers, increase digital literacy and digital engagement.

Our work agenda

The Future of Work: 

In partnership with nbn, the RAI have built a set of practical online resources for parents and children to use to build the skills and attributes they will need for the future. This includes a research report, six case studies and an online toolkit.



Work in 2017

The RAI’s partnership with LinkedIn will bring a series of reports on people, skills and connections across Australia through 2017. These reports will show national and broad regional trends using up-to-the minute data on the skills and mobility of LinkedIn members, introducing data not previously available to regions.
In 2017 we will also be building on the nbn joint project on the future of work for young people by applying the ‘at risk’ model used in the five case study areas to all LGAs and publishing a national vulnerability assessment tool.
We will support the LGA-level data release with a ‘Town Hall Forum Pack’ as a practical support tool for regional leaders to introduce discussion of this issue in their community. The Forum Pack will provide a readily-localisable template to stimulate local discussion on opportunities and threats, supporting community-based knowledge sharing. The outcomes from regions using the Pack will be collated by the RAI to obtain information about how communities are planning to proceed and provide useful case studies to help other regions see a way forward.

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Share your story

The RAI wants to expand the national conversation on these important issues and your input can help us answer key research questions and shape the way we engage with regional communities. How is technology impacting on your local employment market? Share your story and contribute to our agenda.

Learn more about technological readiness

Check out the 2015 Regional Online Heroes initiative to see examples of regional companies that are leading the way in online engagement.

Understand the technological readiness of your region by browsing [In]Sight and our analysis of the Technological Readiness of each region.

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Essential Reading

To get your head around the drivers of this issue in regions we recommend that you read the CEDA report on the future of Australia’s workforce