Small town change

small-town-challengeIn 1911 if you lived in regional Australia it was most likely in a town of between 200 and 500 people. By 2006 this was the least likely place for regional Australians to call home.

Urbanisation and technology change have steadily reduced the need for a network of small regional towns. But small towns are the heart of regional Australia and people in small towns are creating a diverse set of futures for their communities.

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) will help small regional towns identify the ways in which they can take control of their future through development strategies that work.

We will also identify how technology and local innovation can help to improve the availability and quality of government services in small communities.

Small Town Change

Building prosperous small towns

Small regional towns are often great places to live but their economic future is challenged by a variety of forces. Australia needs to actively engage with the future of small communities.

We must be both realistic and honest about the challenges that many places face. We must also back all of our communities to be innovative, proactive and ambitious in meeting that future. Volunteering, community skills and leadership can transform small places.

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Work in 2017 

Pillars of Communities

Our report Pillars of Communities and the supporting Report Card  tracks and grades access to essential service professionals in small towns.



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