Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse

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Perup: Nature's Guesthouse Entry Sign

Katie Hill | Boyup Brook, WA |

“The Blackwood Basin Group is a not-for-profit Landcare group that has recently taken over the management of Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse – an accommodation, training and conference facility located in pristine wilderness in the southwest of WA. All profits from the facility will be reinvested into community based Landcare and environmental initiatives, and relevant educational and training opportunities. Our ultimate goals are to manage the facility using our unique funding model to ensure self-sufficiency, to no longer have to rely on donations or grants from external sources, and to be a key contributor to the economic, educational and environmental success of our region.

We are incredibly excited about being shortlisted as a Lightbulb Moments finalist and the opportunity to get access to expert advice on how to make our project goals a reality. With planning and publicity assistance from the Regional Australia Institute, we hope to showcase our beautiful region and welcome many more guests in the future to get involved, learn and wonder in the natural surroundings at Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse.”

This Lightbulb Moment is a fantastic example of one group creating a sustainable future for their facility without external funding. Relying on grants or donations is a challenge that many not-for-profits face. Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse has the potential to be an archetype of smart business model development.   

Where are they now?

Katie and the team at Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse are implementing advice and initiatives discussed with their Lightbulb Moments mentor. They have already commenced trials of a night tour experience and are planning to incorporate other guided ecotourism experiences to add value for their guests.

The experience has been amazing! We have already received so much publicity and exposure just by being a finalist and have gained invaluable advice and guidance from David, our Lightbulb Moments mentor. David had allowed us to realise our real potential by challenging us to diversify and add value by opening up more opportunities for generating income. We are now even more excited about our project and our potential for success!