Regional Job Automation Pack

Rapid innovation and change in technology have left people asking, ‘will my job be taken over by machines?’

Previously, while we’ve seen predictions that 44 percent of jobs nationally are highly vulnerable to automation, our latest research shows that figure is closer to 26 percent.

To help regions prepare for the work force of the future, the RAI has put together a Regional Job Automation Pack to provide local leaders and decision makers with the information they need to identify key problem areas and start developing responses to maximise opportunities and minimise, or eliminate, potential barriers.

The Pack includes:

  • A Job Vulnerability Data Tool (view the video tutorial and explore the Data Tool below) providing information on the proportion of jobs at low, moderate and high risk of vulnerability to automation by Local Government Area (LGA);
  • An Occupations List arranging professions from least vulnerable to most vulnerable, allowing regions to identify the mix of jobs in their labour market and assess overall vulnerability;     
  • The Job Vulnerability in Australia paper, providing background information on where the jobs most vulnerable to automation are located based on different regional types, as well as suggesting how they can best adapt to the changing workforce;
  • A Methodology paper explaining the RAI’s method for assessing regional job vulnerability to automation.

Explore the Data Tool to take a closer look at job vulnerability in your LGA.

Need some help? Check out the video tutorial for information on how to use the Tool and its features. We have also created a list of questions (listed below the Data Tool) useful for considering the future of work in your region.

To help analyze the vulnerability of your region’s labour market, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Is your region already concerned about the future of work and what does this mean for local residents?
  • Does the data reflect what your region already thought about its labour market, or does it come as a surprise?  If so, why?
  • How might your region use this information to help examine its labour market in more depth?
  • What other information does your region need to make informed decisions about what to do to improve labour market opportunities?
  • What is your region already doing to ensure that its labour market provides employment opportunities for all into the future?
  • What else could your region do to ensure that its labour market provides employment opportunities for all into the future?

The Job Vulnerability Toolkit is the first release from the RAI’s Future of Regional Jobs Inquiry Program. Further work will build on this knowledge, providing regions with more information about the next steps once they have assessed job vulnerability in their own community.

For now, we are very interested in your feedback about the Pack, as well as how you are responding to changes in your labour market, or the types of assistance you need to ensure your region is responsive to future changes.

If you have a story you’re willing to share, please contact us at [email protected]

Ranked from most to least vulnerable to automation.


Regional Job Automation Pack



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