Regional Jobs Vacancy Map

Would you move your entire life for your dream job? Or is it sitting on your doorstep?

Check out our interactive Regional Jobs Vacancy Map below to find out what jobs are available in your region.

How does it work?

Click on one of the 37 regions on the map of Australia. This will bring up the number of jobs currently being advertised and the categories they fall into. To dig deeper, click on a category at bottom left to see a breakdown of advertised jobs in that category specific to the selected region.

This tool collates data from the Federal Government’s Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) which is released monthly by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business on its Labour Market Information Portal ( Here’s some information about the 37 “best fit” regions, as defined by the Department.

The IVI is based on a count of online job advertisements newly lodged on SEEKCareerOne and Australian JobSearch during the month.

If you find a vacancy on the map that interests you, try searching one of these job sites by location.

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