Regions in Transition

Regions in Transition Inquiry

All regional communities experience significant economic change at some point in their lifetime, some more than once. These changes can severely impact the future of regional Australia.

The Inquiry theme programs identified below seek to analyse the effectiveness of selected policy options applied and available, and provide further guidance on how place-based assistance packages could be better implemented to help our regions continually thrive through these periods of transition.

Project 1 (Major Project):Regions in Transition Project 1 icon
Effectiveness of place-based transition packages

When communities and regions face unexpected major changes or the closure of a major employer in the town or region, the Australian and/or state governments may step in to assist the region to positively manage those changes. Designing the optimal place-based approaches to address these complex situations is an important regional policy challenge.

This study will review historical and current assistance packages to investigate the effectiveness of different approaches and interventions. It will also identify for early detection, the leading indicators of change. The RAI will then develop tools to assist policy makers to better support our regions through times of significant change.

Regions in Transition

What do we mean by place-based? What’s the scope of a transition package?


Read the final report on the effectiveness of place-based transition packages.


Project 2:Regions in Transition Project 2 icon
Investing in Regional Development – Competition
and Collaboration

Providing funding is one way that governments assist regions in transition. Traditionally, regions compete for money through a grant proposal process. A collaborative process, such as a “deal”, is an alternate option where different levels of government, as well as other relevant groups and bodies from a specific community, come together to negotiate a longer term ‘package’ of help.

Using existing examples, this project will assist governments to determine which investment packages work best.

Our paper The case for collaboration is included in our policy pack for government.


Project 3: Regions in Transition Project 3 icon
Procurement Practices and Regional Development

Procurement rules guide how and where governments spend money. Government spending in regions is important to local economies, and can support regional development.

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of using current procurement practices to drive regional economic development. It will look at present policy to determine what practices have been most successful, and also suggest how they can be improved.

Our paper Public procurement and regional development: briefing note is included in our policy pack for government.


This paper provides an overview of the key themes and findings from the literature review undertaken by leading academics at Charles Darwin University in 2018.


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