Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft, Country Music

Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft, Country Music

Saltwater Country Inc. | Broome, Yawuru country, WA

Through innovative thinking and conscious business methodology Saltwater Country Inc. uses the sport of Rodeo & Campdraft to create awareness of suicide & domestic violence and hopes to affect positive change in Broome and the wider Kimberley Community. Through collaborative and strategic partnerships Saltwater Country has been able to increase community participation of traditional disengaged people in its event Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft, Country Music. With the support of our sponsors and partners, many of them local small businesses, Saltwater Country hopes to build Rhythm & Ride into a premier event with funds going back into the organisation to event build a purpose built Rodeo & Riding School in Broome to riding & life skills to community members.”

The Kimberley has some of the highest suicide and domestic violence rates in Australia. Saltwater Country Inc. has created the Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft, Country Music event as an innovative solution to these social issues.

Their goal is to create positive social change in Broome, and the wider Kimberley region, with income generated through their Rhythm & Ride events and fundraising, with the purpose to create future events and establish a Rodeo & Riding school. In addition, the school will also offer equine therapy and diversionary programs for disengaged community members, giving at risk youth an alternative way of learning life skills, and becoming reengaged in the world around them.

Rhythm & Ride is an excellent example of a community thinking outside the box to create social and economic change in their region.

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, Rhythm and Ride (Saltwater Country Inc.) are working with local government to deliver a sustainable rodeo, music and camp draft event funding model supporting ongoing event and community development activities.