Smart Small Towns

Smart Small Towns

Hayley Purbrick | Deniliquin, NSW |

“We are living in a connected and fast past world, a place where small towns throughout Australia could easily be left behind. By providing the right framework to inspire entrepreneurial spirit, communities will have better coping mechanisms to equip them with the realities of change and uncertainty.”

Smart Small Towns is a Lightbulb Moment that involves a new and innovative approach to turning around small town decline. This project is about empowering individuals who live in small towns to solve their own problems rather than relying on external agencies to do it for them.

Developing the Smart Small Towns idea requires the creation of a framework designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit, that regional councils can implement in their towns to attract innovative people to live in their community.  

Smart Small Towns has the potential to be rolled out at a national level. The idea will provide numerous benefits to communities such as creating greater inclination for them to innovate, value add and problem solve, better equipping towns to accept the realities of change and uncertainty, and helping to create stronger, more resilient communities with the capacity to be innovative.

Following the Lightbulb Moments campaign, Smart Small Towns are collaborating with regional communities to achieve private certification of their commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit.