The Rain Maker

Megan Rigoni, The Rainmaker

Megan Rigoni | Mount Beauty, VIC

This year Centre Stage Scripts and the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) will be touring The Rain Maker, to regional towns in NSW. An arts and health production, The Rain Maker is a multi-platform performance arts piece utilising comedy, drama, music and high energy performance dance to engage youth audiences.

The Rain Maker explores the frustration of a reality that is not of one’s choosing and the impact on a young man’s mental health.

Live theatre is a powerful medium for conveying important messages in a meaningful way. While exploring issues of domestic violence, depression, grief, bullying and sexuality, The Rain Maker aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and encourage help seeking behaviours around youth mental health care.

As a finalist of the 2018 Light Bulb Moments, Centre Stage Scripts and RAMHP will be able to promote The Rain Maker to a broad audience. With the support of local shires, community groups and businesses, The Rain Maker Tour will address the alarming rate of depression and youth suicide in regional areas.”

Megan’s Lightbulb Moment is helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and encourage young people to be proactive in their mental health care and access professional health care when needed. If successful, it has the potential to raise awareness of preventative measures, therapies, agencies and practices that assist those in crisis.

Where are they now?

In preparation for a September Tour of NSW, The Rain Maker Youth Mental Health Play script has been workshopped and redrafted twice and rehearsals have commenced. Megan and her team have also had two promotional videos produced, and they are in the process of seeking sponsorships for the September tour.

I am very grateful to be named as a finalist in the 2018 Lightbulb Moments Competition and for the opportunity to work with Shannon and David. The mentoring sessions have been highly enjoyable and rewarding. Their kind support, expertise, and clear, direct advice is invaluable in taking The Rain Maker to a national audience.