[In]sight: Australia’s regional competitiveness index

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) has developed an online interactive map to unlock insights into regional performance. [In]Sight: Australia’s Regional Competitiveness Index snapshots the competitiveness of Australia’s Local Government Areas (LGAs) and Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions by highlighting data and rankings for ten themes and 68 indicators. This information captures the competitive position of each region and reveals what elements can be improved so that each region can reach its full potential. All told, [In]Sight provides 623 regional competitiveness profiles.

Supporting publications based on the evidence unlocked by [In]Sight have also been developed to explore Australia’s greatest competitive challenges. These publications assist in ensuring the [In]Sight data is accessible and influential when addressing regional competitiveness.

For more information about our approach to [In]Sight and how you can make the most of the interactive tool, view our [In]Sight Fact Sheet.

If you’d like more details on how to use [In]Sight, see our User Guide.

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Australia’s 10 Greatest Competitiveness Challenges have been identified using [In]Sight. If we can step up and meet these challenges we can work towards building a prosperous regional Australia.

We welcome your feedback on these themes and if you require further insights into a specific region please contact us.