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The Regional Australia Institute collaborates with like-minded partners who can inspire positive change in our regions.

There are a range of partnership opportunities – check out the information below to see what might suit you or your organisation:

CEO Roundtable Council


CEO or Senior Executive of the organisation joins the Regional Roundtable Council to support the RAI’s work and contribute to the overall direction of RAI’s work to change the narrative of regional Australia. Council meets four times a year and the different Ministerial and relevant Federal Government leaders will be invited to participate in the Roundtable discussion.

The purpose is to convening a group of the most significant and influential organisations to join the national conversation on regional Australia in a high level Roundtable. This is a forum to hear from organisations who have an impact on regional Australia and how they can work together for the greater good. This is not a lobby group but rather a collaborative model.

The Council will set the agenda to have four key themes that they wish to address and make an impact upon. For example, Jobs for regions; Technology, Regions in Transition or Business innovation in the regions.

Activating Communities

Let the RAI work strategically with you to activate deeper knowledge and insights in regional Australia. Through our product called InSight, we can understand the 10 key competitiveness indicators and our latest release allows us to compare and contrast to create the stories about regions growth narrative. The RAI is looking to work with a range of partners in business, government and NFP to tell the stories of change and revitalisation. To be the voice of regional Australia and to help other communities learn from those communities who are taking the lead.

Previously, the InSight tool has provided information but now we have the latest census data available which means we can assess the changes in the regions to bring life to the data. We believe we can promote change through storytelling, featuring regional towns and cities that are leading the way. This opportunity can be shaped in a variety of ways to work with a vast array of stakeholders.

InSight's 10 themes of competitiveness

Partnering with our Research Agenda

In addition to the Shared Government funding for this research, there is an opportunity to expand its reach. The key policy priorities for each State and Territory are the core drivers for this program and therefore it will also be important to organisations who are focused on regional Australia.

Alternatively, if you organisation would like to research a specific theme related to regional Australia, we would love to help.

Community Impact Projects

The RAI is about to launch the Rural Migration Initiative (RMI)– where we support locally-led migration projects to ensure rural towns can continue to grow. This work stemmed from the Missing Workers Paper and we believe that projects like this will start to build our Community Impact.

The RAI has proposed a national pilot program which would enable us to educate other communities around Australia so that they can harness the knowledge to create their own locally – led campaigns. With the right support it is our hope to hold a national roadshow in small rural towns around Australia.

We would love to partner with your organisation to ensure these kinds of projects impact real people and change the lives of everyday Australians.

Pathfinder Projects – Grant Scheme

The RAI has been rolling out Pathfinder Projects for the past six years with fantastic feedback. The Pathfinder programs are an important part of the support the RAI can provide to regions wanting to lift their economic performance.

Using the local knowledge from the Pathfinder process and combining it with a detailed analysis at the local level, the RAI will be able to provide a comprehensive and collaborative strategic planning process – including social and economic modelling – to understand the wider opportunities for regions.

Many parts of regional Australia could benefit from undertaking a Pathfinder initiative but the common barrier is funding. The RAI would like to partner with organisations who would like to donate to a grant making scheme to support particular areas or location around Australia. This would be perfect for businesses who are located in particular areas in regional Australia as it provides an opportunity to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility with a tangible and long lasting legacy.

What others have said:

The Regional Australia Institute was engaged by the Namoi Councils Joint Organisation (of which Tamworth Regional Council is a member) to assist us with establishing a clear focus for initiatives relating to the future development of the Northern Inland of NSW. The outcome was simply outstanding with five Future Factors identified that will underpin the economic growth of our region for many years to come. These Future Factors formed the pillars of our Strategic Plan and have allowed us to clearly identify a number of actions where strong collaboration between the seven member councils will achieve the greatest positive outcome. Significant achievements have already been made in the areas of international investment and market expansion as a direct result of the outcomes from the RAI initiative.

– Paul Bennett, General Manager, Tamworth Regional Council

Foundation Partner

We believe organisations who care about Regional Australia should consider the opportunity to form a strategic alignment with the Regional Australia Institute. The funding would ensure a sustainable future for the RAI to continue its work that is directly linked to ‘public good’. We would retain our independence but the partnership would enable the organisation to participate across all of the above activities and platforms. Each Foundation Partnership could be individually tailored to create positive and collaborative model.


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