[In]Sight: Australia’s regional competitiveness index

The Regional Australia Institute is proud to introduce [In]Sight – the nation’s first online index and interactive map tracking the competitiveness of Australia’s 560 Local Government Areas (LGA) and 55 Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions.

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Modelled on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, [In]Sight was developed in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics and combines data from sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Social Health Atlas of Australia.

[In]Sight spans ten themes and 59 indicators specifically tailored to reflect the fundamentals of sustainable growth in Australia, capturing the competitiveness of LGAs and RDAs according to current economic performance and drivers of future success.

National HeatmapAs well as an ongoing resource for the many people working to ensure the vibrant future of regional Australia, [In]Sight is being used by the RAI to develop a range of research and policy materials. For a full range of resources, papers and projects developed through [In]Sight, visit our research page.

First time? Then take a moment to watch our instructional video on how to use [In]Sight to unlock over 80,000 facts about Australia’s regions:

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What people are saying

“[In]Sight will give invaluable insights into Pilbara’s economic drivers and what we can do to ensure sustainable growth. RDA Pilbara has undertaken detailed analysis of the state of the Pilbara from a social, environmental, and economic perspective over the last 12 months. RAI is now working with us to bring our discussion with policy makers and investors to a more sophisticated level. Organisations like the RAI are essential to the strong and vibrant future for all Australia. “

Collene Longmore
Regional Development Australia Pilbara.

“The National Farmers Federation supports the provision of information on patterns and trends for rural communities and regional centres which will drive informed discussion and contribute to a strong and sustainable agriculture sector – [In]Sight will deliver exactly that and we look forward to working with RAI to develop policies that direct the right measures to where they are needed most.”

Matt Linnegar
Chief Executive Officer
National Farmers Federation

“Through its Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local Government Program, ACELG has actively developed tools and resources to enhance the institutional capacity of regional councils. The work of the RAI and the Regional Competitiveness Index will be immensely useful for this and other Program work on nationally consistent workforce initiatives, innovative local government practices, more efficient financial and asset management and other nationally focussed policy interventions for the sector.”

Roberta Ryan
Director, Associate Professor
Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG)

“By developing this fantastic resource, RAI brings to life the importance of economic growth to delivering the jobs, services and infrastructure that determine overall community prosperity. The Business Council of Austraia looks forward to working with RAI to build on this information, and use it to support regional Australia in achieving interconnected economic and social aspirations.”

Jennifer Westacott
Chief Executive
Business Council of Australia