RAI is looking for a Senior Researcher to provide leadership in our program of research on regional issues and the promotion of public debate of regional policy.


Recent Releases

The Future of Regional Jobs

Read our comprehensive report The Future of Regional Jobs that was launched at our inaugural Regions Rising National Summit in Canberra.

A Healthy Check-Up

Read about the impact of the healthcare and social assistance industry in regions.

National Population Plan for Regional Australia

Read our recommended plan for tackling population growth over the next 40 years to limit the negative impacts of dense cities.

Regional Jobs Vacancy Map

Check out our interactive Regional Jobs Vacancy Map to find out what jobs are available in your region.

Job Vulnerability Data Tool

What jobs in your region are vulnerable to automation? Is your region ready for the future of work?

Regions in Transition InquiryAnalysing and evaluating selected policy options available, and suggesting ways we can better help our regions through times of change.


The Future of Regional Jobs InquiryThe future of work is changing. We are looking at the impact these changes will have on regions, and how we can help to address their needs.


Regional Cities and Towns Inquiry iconReviewing key issues shaping the economic development of our regional towns and cities and the effectiveness of relevant policy.


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